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gynaecomastia male boobliposuction enlarged breast in man

liposuction enlarged breast in man

The dreaded MAN BOOBS can change a young persons life, affecting the self confidence, body image and social interactions.

Laser Gynaecomastia Reduction at Clinique Beaute Naturelle

Gynaecomastia or “Man Boobs” is a fairly common male problem that causes an enlargement of the breast tissue in a man. This enlargement can be due to an increase in the breast gland or due to an increase in the fat tissue in the region or a combination of the two.

In nearly half of adolescent boys gynaecomastia is often a temporary problem that peaks around 14 years and reduces within the next, 2 – 4 years as they grow older. A minority of teenagers will still have persistent gynaecomastia after 18 years of age and will need surgical intervention.

Gynaecomastia or “Man Boobs” can cause extreme embarrassment amongst sufferers reducing social and sports activity.

The Surgical approaches to treating gynaecomastia consists of

1) Surgical Excision of an enlarged breast gland, through an incision that follows half of the

circumference of the areola.

2) Liposuction if the breast enlargement is purely due to the fat tissue and not the gland.

3) A combination of Surgical Excision and Liposuction when there is involvement of both gland and


4) The latest approach to tackling this common problem is Smart Lipo or Smart Liposuction with or without a Surgical Excision.

We are one of the few centres to offer this technique in Mumbai. The great advantage of Smart Lipo is that it allows suction of the fat through tiny 4 mm cuts, reduces post-operative bruising and tightens the skin so it’s not left saggy and loose once the volume of fat and gland is removed.

Want to find out if you have gynaecomastia or Man Boobs and if Laser Smart Liposuction is going to work for you, or if you want to know what its side-effects, complications, aftercare or what it costs, visit us if you are in Mumbai or please