Enhance Your Feminine Charm Through Brazilian Butt Lift

A round, stiff buttock is considered plus factor in  feminine beauty concept. Path breaking discoveries in the field of cosmetology have resulted in many new ways to achieve this. Brazilian Butt lift is the solution to women who are not unhappy with the look of their buttocks,  want to remove loose and sagging skin.

Those who want to correct the drooping skin do traditional excisional butt lift and who want to augment it prefer Brazilian but lift. Like any other cosmetic surgery, it can be performed alone or along with treatments like abdominoplasty and breast augmentation.

Who can opt for the surgery ?

  • The person must maintain good health
  • Should have good psychological health
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking or drug use during procedure period
  • Follow proper diet
  • Avoid weight loss during the treatment as it may affect result

The treatment procedure ?

Brazilian butt lift mainly consists two steps first a liposuction and a fat graft. At first, healthy fat sample is extracted from back, stomach or thighs. Then this cells is inserted into buttocks through tubes called cannulas. The duration of the procedure is about 2 hours. Selection of fat from patients is good because in most of the cases body rejects foreign cells. Permanency  of the result is totally depending upon the quality of the fat graft. It is estimated that 60 % will last  permanently. Patient must follow some instructions post surgery

  • Patient should sleep by their side until they recover
  • Massaging session to prevent swelling, bruising
  • Don’t sit down in the first two weeks
  • Avoid indulging in demanding physical activities

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