Best Doctor for filler and botox Treatment in Bandra

Filler and Botox Treatment

Best Doctor for Fillers and Botox Treatment in Bandra – Anti Wrinkle Injections in Bandra

Get the Best Doctor for filler and botox Treatment in Bandra, India by Dr. Prashant Murugkar, one of the best skin specialists in Bandra. Botox is the most popular treatment among men and women of all age groups to remove dynamic wrinkles on the face. Dr. Prashant Murugkar is recognized as one of the most renowned anti-wrinkle Specialists for Botox Treatment.

Best Botox Treatment in Bandra (Botulinum Toxin) is an excellent treatment for dynamic facial lines. It is a purified protein produced by Clostridium Bacterium.

Botulinum toxin treatments –

Botulinum toxin injections have been used in cosmetology for over 25 years and in the hands of experts like Dr. Prashant Murugkar, one of the best Botox injectors, it is a safe and highly effective non-surgical aging solution for certain types of wrinkles. The procedure of injecting Botox (botulinum toxin) into a muscle temporarily blocks the muscle from contracting. By targeting the origin of dynamic wrinkles, Botox (botulinum toxin) prevents the muscle from making the excessive movement that caused the problem in the first place. Therefore, Botox (botulinum toxin) injections also play a useful role in wrinkle prevention for people who tend to overuse certain facial muscles.

Botox treatment for other medical conditions

Botulinum toxin is used to treat various conditions such as migraine, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) and cerebral palsy. The dosage of the drug for these therapeutic conditions is slightly different from cosmetic procedures. Botox for temporomandibular joint problems can also be very effective as it significantly reduces pain and improves mouth movement. To find the Best Doctor for filler and botox Treatment in Bandra, you can visit Clinique Beaute Naturelle.

Botulinum toxin price in India, Botox treatment

Botulinum toxin, Botox treatment – for each patient it varies depending on the quantity and quality of the drug, the competence and qualification of the doctor, the safety and hygiene of the aesthetic center and the expectations and requirements of the patient. Among all these factors, the experience and qualifications of the doctor should be the top priority in the selection process. Dr. Prashant Murugkar, one of the best Botox doctors near me, is able to achieve natural and superior results using a much smaller amount of necessary medication, which significantly reduces the final cost.

Results before and after Botox.

Effects appear after an average of five days. The effects on the muscles are completely reversible and last about three to six months. Many patients note that over time, the intervals between treatments increase as the muscles “learn” to stop making the wrinkle-causing movements as often. We retrain your muscles, so to speak.

When should I start wrinkle treatment?

For optimal Botox (botulinum toxin) effect, treatment should be started when the line or wrinkle is dynamic rather than static. This can be checked in the mirror by stretching the wrinkle between two fingers. If the wrinkle disappears completely, it means that it is still dynamic and suitable for Best Doctor for filler and botox Treatment in Bandra (botulinum toxin) treatment. However, if stretching the skin only weakens the line, it starts to become static and may require additional treatment. In such cases, we can offer combined anti-aging treatment using dermal fillers or HA boosters.

BOTOX® injection technique.

Dr. Prashant Murugkar’s latest injection techniques prevent the administration of high doses of Botox (botulinum toxin) or Botox face, which completely “freezes” movements, giving the face an unnatural appearance. Lower doses of Botox (botulinum toxin) can soften movements without completely freezing the muscles. Low-dose facial Botox is administered through a series of several small injections into tender points in the facial muscles. This treatment model normalizes hypermobile muscles and helps maintain natural facial movements. As one of the best Botox and fillers doctor, Dr. Prashant Murugkar can give you a look that no one can predict.

Best Botox Treatment Indications: 

Frown lines

Glabellar lines (frown lines) are vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows that create a tired or angry appearance. This is a very effective area where BOTOX® can be used. Dr Prashant Murugkar can gently smooth these frown lines, giving a more rejuvenated and relaxed appearance.

Forehead Lines

These wrinkles, sometimes called “frown lines”, appear on the forehead when the eyebrows are raised. They become more prominent as you age. Excessive wrinkles in this area can give your face and skin an aged appearance. Horizontal forehead wrinkles are usually caused by genetic aging. Sun damage or smoking can also lead to deeper and more difficult to treat wrinkles. The BOTOX® product can significantly reduce this effect.

Bunny Lines

‘Bunny lines’ are the creases that appear when the nose wrinkles up, for example, when we sniff or smell something. The careful placement of BOTOX® injections at either side of the nose can reduce the appearance of these lines.

Crow’s Feet

The appearance of fine lines or “crow’s feet” in the outer corners of the eyes, even when you are not smiling, is often associated with the aging process. However, BOTOX® is very effective in reducing these wrinkles. This is why this area is one of the most popular areas for treatment. When administered carefully, BOTOX® treatment in this area can also help reduce eyelid drooping, which can make your eyes appear smaller.

Tear Troughs

Fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes can be corrected with BOTOX®. If you want to address “bags”, the area between the lower eyelid and upper cheek or the “tear trough”, a combination treatment using Best Doctor for filler and botox Treatment in Bandra is more effective.

Botox Treatment Procedure :

20 minutes before the procedure, the treatment area is cleaned and in some cases an anesthetic cream is applied. After the area has been cleaned, a picture is taken and BOTOX® is injected with a fine needle.

BOTOX Results :

Visible results can take 3-10 days.

These are the cosmetic effects of Botox:

Dermal fillers and Botox in Bandra.

  • Facial appearance becomes friendlier as forehead wrinkles are reduced.
  • The eyes appear more vibrant and bright as the “crow’s feet” or wrinkles around them are reduced.
  • The mouth appears fuller and wrinkles around the nose and lips are reduced.
    The ideal liquid facelift at Bandra can be a mixture of Botox and fillers that relax the muscles and provide an extra lift. This mixture also contributes to the longevity of the dermal fillers. Before undergoing surgery, be sure to consult an experienced and board-certified doctor so that he or she can recommend the treatment option that best suits your needs.

If you are considering Best Doctor for filler and botox Treatment in Bandra, you have come to the right place – Clinique Beaute Naturelle. We want you to keep your smile. To book an appointment with Dr. Prashant Murugkar for Best Doctor for filler and botox Treatment in Bandra: +91 9930203980.