Cosmetic Gynaecology

Vaginal Tightening (Vaginoplasty)

After childbirth or with age or loss of hormones, the vaginal mucosa may become lax or stretched, and the vaginal canal can lose its muscle tone. Although exercise may help with some of the symptoms and certainly prevent recurrence or worsening, it will not be enough if the problem is severe. Vaginoplasty involves the excision of redundant mucosa and suturing the lax fascia and muscles to shape and support the new vagina.


Some women with enlarged labia minora may find it to be a cause for embarrassment, discomfort and pain while wearing tight clothing, riding bikes or during intercourse. This can be easily corrected by labiaplasty or labial trimming which can improve the symptoms, their body image and sexual confidence.

Vaginal Scarring

Infection and poor healing following perineal tear and suturing after childbirth may lead to vaginal and perineal scarring. This can cause symptoms of perineal pain and painful intercourse, and may result in marital discord. Symptoms can be resolved by excision of scar tissue and refashioning of the perineum with fine, dissolvable sutures.

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