Laser Surgery

Laser Hair Reduction

Permanent Laser Hair Reduction one of the best methods of getting rid of unwanted hair is Laser or IPL hair removal. The Laser heats up and destroys the growth centres of the hair follicles that are in the growth phase.

Depending on the area being treated this technique can get you up to 60 – 80% hair reduction at the end of your treatment course. The number of treatments required varies with individuals and areas treated. In the long run this way of hair reduction works out to be cheaper than conventional treatments like waxingg.

Laser Acne Reduction

Lyra Laser Acne Reduction . You get acne due to a combination of problems like very oily skin, skin bacteria called P Acne and blockage of the oil glands in your skin. The mainstay of Acne treatment is a topical Vitamin A preparation called Tretinoin in combination with other creams/lotions or oral antibiotics.

One of the recent advances in acne management has been the specially designed Lyra laser. Consisting of a series of 3 treatments given a month apart, each relatively painless procedure lasts about 15 – 20 minutes.

Laser Facial

  • Laser Hair Reduction
  • Laser Acne Reduction
  • Lyra Laser Skin Tightening and Laser Photo rejuvenation
  • Laser Thread Vein Removal

Laser Thread Vein Removal

There are primarily two techniques of getting rid of Thread Veins, Lasers and Sclerotherapy, please find below information on either of them.

Laser Thread Vein Removal Lasers or Intense Pulse Light devices can be used to reduce the appearance of unsightly veins on the face or legs. They work by heating up the blood inside the vessel and destroying their lining thus sealing them off.

Laser Liposuction, Laser Smart Lipo, Smart Lipo

It is a minimally invasive keyhole surgery done under Local or General Anaesthesia. The advantages of Laser Liposuction are SMALLER INCISION, LESS BRUISING, QUICKER RETURN TO WORK, SKIN TIGHTENING.

  • Laser Liposuction
  • Laser Smart Lipo
  • Smart Lipo,
  • Laser Smartliposuction
  • Laser Liposculpture

Laser Gynaecomastia Reduction

Gynaecomastia or “Man Boobs” is a fairly common male problem that causes an enlargement of the breast tissue in a man. This enlargement can be due to an increase in the breast gland or due to an increase in the fat tissue in the region or a combination of the two.

In nearly half of adolescent boys gynaecomastia is often a temporary problem that peaks around 14 years and reduces within the next, 2 – 4 years as they grow older. A minority of teenagers will still have persistent gynaecomastia after 18 years of age and will need surgical intervention.